Why Voting ‘Remain’ Is a Vote For The Right Side of History

Why Voting Against Brexit Is a Vote For The Right Side of History
Rather miraculously, I have managed to avoid weighing in on the EU referendum on social media until now, although anyone who has spent any time with me over the past few days, weeks and months will know that I am 100% behind the Remain campaign. It would never occur to me to vote otherwise, and in all honesty, I did not even realise that the Leave campaign was anything more than a joke to most people. Unfortunately, my dwindling faith in the general public has dwindled a little bit more in the run-up to this referendum, because to a lot of people (I like to put them somewhere on the spectrum between total morons and closet racists) have decided that their interest lies in “making Britain great again”, “giving power back to our politicians”, and “keeping out those bloody Romanians”.
Let me just say that there are people with far more political and economic knowledge than me, and people far more eloquent than I, all of whom happen to be supporters of the Remain campaign (funny that), so I will just provide links to their arguments which will be much more informative and insightful than mine.
However, because you managed to get this far through my rambling, you have earned the gift of my opinions on this issue. In easy to read, bullet point format, no less! So here we go:
       The NHS is entirely under threat if we leave the EU – due to its heavy reliance on immigrants doing jobs that the British think they’re too good to do, and because by removing ourselves from the protection of the EU, not only will workers rights be useless, but the Tory government will have more power to privatise and effectively dismantle one of the only institutions (other than panel shows and Yorkshire puddings) that the British can truly be proud of.
       Our sovereignty is meaningless if we keep electing our government the way we do. FPTP has been proven again and again to not only favour a two-party system, but denies proportional representation and inhibits democracy. Our MEPs are voted for democratically, and laws being made by our own representatives as well as representatives from other countries means that across the board, we are less likely to have the personal interests of corrupt individuals controlling our political landscape.
       Literally hundreds of economic specialists have confirmed that by leaving the EU, the British economy will die a spectacular death. From losing out on trade agreements, to the decline in value of the pound, there are almost too many reasons to suggest that we will be facing a huge economic decline if we try to survive on our own as a tiny, insignificant island with nothing to offer the world other than a big name built on the merit of the British Empire – that time in our country’s history where we were incredibly successful in invading other countries, taking their natural resources, and enslaving their people. And this is the nostalgic attitude of the Leave campaign – harking back to days when Britain was ‘Great’ and abusing human rights was just a casual Tuesday afternoon activity.
       Social progress thrives on communal activity. Aside from the EU being the only thing that’s successfully kept European countries from bombing one another for the past few decades, it is a symbol of global community and of peace. By turning our back on it, we are not only throwing two fingers up to the rest of the world, but we are actively weakening an institution that depends on cooperation and good faith. There needn’t be any hyperbolic imaginings of WWIII breaking out, but truthfully, the moderation of all member states (especially the more right-wing and politically dissenting ones) is very important for maintaining peace on a global scale, and weakening that would be awful for everyone – not just us.
       If you take a close look at the people supporting Brexit, you have a list of some of the most repulsive, bigoted and dangerous people that currently walk the Earth. And literally EVERYONE ELSE is voting to remain. So, though you might consider yourself a wonderful individual who just happens to hate the EU, you have to consider why you’re so comfortable sharing your views with a load of cunts.
More intelligent people than me who also have things to say on the EU referendum (AKA the worst possible decision that the voting British public could ever make)

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