The top 10 holidays I want to have


1. Stupidly indulgent luxury island holiday
I guess this is what all of us want, really. I have been guilty of watching reality shows where the stars go to these incredible resorts in the middle of a crystal clear ocean and thinking ‘one day I will spend a ridiculous amount of money doing this’. So kicking off this list with an admission of my deeply buried need for self-indulgence, I select this holiday to top it!

2. Girls on tour holiday
This kind of happened when me and two other friends convened in the sweet Italian town of Bologna. We went to museums, climbed up hills, took ourselves to Rome and explored the various gastronomic delights that Italy has to offer. These things can be done on any holiday, but it was lovely to do it in our little trio and I am keen to do it again somewhere else!

3. Jungle exploring holiday
I got a small taste for this kind of thing in Nicaragua, wandering around the mountains, setting free snakes and climbing up volcanoes, but I would love to do more exploration, more climbing and interacting with wildlife.

4. Japan
Nearly all of these are not location-specific, but I really thought that Japan needed its own category, just because I don’t think a trip to Japan would ever be only one type of trip. Japanese culture is hugely varied between the cities and the rural areas, and from its stunning ancient history to its more wacky modern traditions, a trip there would never be boring.

5. Romantic city break
Fahad and I have only done city breaks, but none of them have been particularly romantic. I would love for us to just head off somewhere and dedicate some time to being affectionate. It would be nice just for once to be one of those mushy couples on a gondola in Venice or to be starry-eyed in a restaurant somewhere sharing a heart-shaped dessert of some kind.

6. Grown up kids holiday
Basically, I want to go to Disney World. Disneyland Paris was a cute little warm up, but I feel like Orlando is calling my name and the little kid inside me would be ecstatic to feel that kind of magic again, while the big kid inside me is needing some adrenaline-fuelled rollercoaster action.

7. Mountain park holiday
There’s a cute little resort near Lake Garda called Du Parc et Du Lac, which seems quite appropriate for when we choose to make this trip, but really, anywhere picturesque and mountainous is where I have in my minds eye when I think of this holiday.

8. Natural phenomenon holiday
Bioluminescent waves, the northern lights, a solar eclipse, there are so many cool things in nature that I want to experience.

9. Punched-in-the-face-with-culture holiday
Sometimes, you just have to fit as much as you possibly can into your holidays. The trip I have in mind for this one would be in a historically rich location, with loads of really interesting things to learn about the locals, taking in all the information on what gives that place its identity. Plenty of architectural delights, museums, and music to absorb – and lots of food to eat!

10. Festival abroad
Every year I come back from a festival (usually Reading) denouncing all future involvement. You will hear me utter the words ‘I will never attend a camping festival ever again’ more than once on that inevitable Monday morning after a grim weekend of getting muddy, sleeping in tents and witnessing some of the worst human behaviours around. But every year I return, because it is also a lot of fun spending that gross, filthy time with my gross, filthy friends. It would be wonderful to go and see live music outdoors in a different country with a less wet climate, and our European neighbours really do get the best lineups.

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