Date night through the seasons

Date Night Through The Seasons

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I am in the mood for romance! But I love my boyfriend all year round, so this year I am granting him 20 dates for the whole year that he can cash in anytime. It’s a great way of reminding each other that we matter, and that there is no single date that limits us to enjoying one another’s company. Here is a list of inexpensive date nights (or days) through the seasons in case you want to treat your significant other to a year’s worth of loving!

– stage your own easter egg hunt
– a classic dinner and a movie
– revamp a garden together – plant some flowers or create a vegetable patch!
– plan a future holiday together
– make the creme de la creme of blanket forts

– go fruit picking
– have a picnic in the park
– wake up before sunrise and go to a local vantage point for a beautiful view
– go to your nearest beach and spend an afternoon splashing in the sea
– visit a grown up adventure playground and feel like kids again

– go to a local park and step on the crunchy leaves
– make a nest next to a window while it’s raining and read a book together
– pumpkin carving – see who can create the best design
– do some warming baking – you can use the leftover pumpkin if you like!
– make a bonfire together (please practise this safely, whatever you do)

– go ice skating
– go out for hot drinks (boozy or otherwise)
– set a budget and buy each other crazy stocking fillers
– pretend you’re in an alpine ski resort and have a fondue night (cheese or chocolate!)
– bounce the January blues away at a trampoline park

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