Breast pinata cancer awareness

If you clicked this tab looking for standard internet content containing breasts, then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place.

Well, I’ve made a number of posts now about my breast lump and breast reduction surgery, so I thought I’d stick them all in one place for anyone who is going through either of these things or who just wants to read about my experience.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk about anything in more detail! I am more than happy to give advice, information and support to anyone interested in talking about this stuff.

The Lump:

Part 1: Finding A Breast Lump at 22
Part 2: My (Not So) Lovely Lady Lump: The Update
Part 3: The Boob Wars Saga Continues

The Reduction:

Five things not to say to someone who had a breast reduction
My breast reduction journey
My boobiversary – one year post breast reduction

Cancer Research Resources:

Checking yourself:
CoppaFeel! Rochelle Humes and Greg James – Boob Check from CoppaFeel! on Vimeo.

Set a monthly reminder to do a check: 

Signs and symptoms to look for:

Breast cancer signs and symptoms

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