Hattie du Lac cooking

Hello and welcome to this little corner of the internet I’ve managed to forge out for myself.

My name is Hattie, and I am a marketing assistant by day, live-in chef for my boyfriend by night, with bits and pieces of other interests sprinkled in between.

Notorious for starting up (and never finishing) projects, I began writing for this blog way back in 2014. If you want a hilarious example of why most music journalism sucks, you can go and read my first ever post; a cringeworthy review of a single my boyfriend’s band released.

These days, I’m less into poorly-written music reviews (though they may crop up once in a while) and more into the cultural and culinary landscape that we’re all a part of. In a lot of ways, I think food is one of the most honest representatives of where society is really at, culturally – from street food to haute cuisine, from oven pizzas and potato smileys to simple staples like dal or rice and beans – what we eat reveals a lot more about our social and cultural identity than whether or not we’re managing to fit in five fruit and veg a day.

It’s not all recipes and restaurant reviews over here, though. You’ll find lifestyle guides, think pieces and the occasional rant. Food and cooking is what I love to do, but I also devote as much time as I can to being creative and learning new things – and with the aforementioned habit of picking up new interests, these are bound to crop up from time to time.

More than anything, I’m just happy to be putting some of my thoughts down into one place – and if you find them helpful or interesting in any way, even better!

Want to hear my thoughts on a given topic or get in touch about something I posted? You can find my contact details here.

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