Hattie du Lac cooking


My name is Hattie, and I am a digital marketing executive by day, live-in chef for my boyfriend by night, mostly watching TikToks and spouting my opinions all over the internet the rest of the time.

Notorious for starting up (and never finishing) projects, I began writing for this blog way back in 2014. If you want a hilarious example of why most music journalism sucks, you can go and read my first ever post; a cringeworthy review of a single my boyfriend’s band released.

These days, I’m less into poorly-written music reviews (though they may crop up once in a while) and more into slightly better food reviews. And, well, musings about life in general. I’m too poor to get therapy and have an inane need to express every thought I have, so I guess this blog is what you get as a result of that.

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