‘Lose My Mind’ – Bel Esprit (Review)

Here we have the debut single from local Southampton lads, Bel Esprit. Their name is a reference to the fund T.S. Eliot set up in aid of Ezra Pound to help him write poetry full time and is a rough translation of ‘beautiful spirit’, but don’t let this fool you – the music packs a punch as strong as any and is far from being poetic (read: boring). That is not to say that the literary vibe is removed from their music, however; they are a self-described ‘hyper-literate indie rock band… [merging] live energy with ambitious lyrics’. And if Lose My Mind and its B-side, The Mad Ones are anything to go by, then they are very much succeeding to live up to this.
Lose My Mind itself combines a young and lively track with some fairly angsty lyrics that come together to capture perfectly the conflict of being a young person experiencing unrequited feelings. It features some impressively memorable drumbeats, an energetic solo and some very slick production that really allows the band’s energy to come through. It is a song that manages to give its audience connection, excitement and a catchy melody that you will be singing for days after you’ve heard it. Currently on 65,000 plays on Soundcloud and rising, this single has cemented the band’s place in the indie-rock scene both locally and nationally, so anticipate them arriving at a venue near you in the close future!

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