Review: Loreal Lumi Magique foundation in Rose Pearl


I am always looking for the best affordable foundation I can find. As a student, only a portion of my income gets spent on beauty products, and I tend to cheap out when it comes to things like nail polish, lip colour and brow pencils. But foundation is such an important factor to creating a smooth finish, just getting a £4.99 bottle of own-brand stuff isn’t going to work.

For me, a good foundation needs to do a few things:
1. Have enough coverage to even out my skin tone (and at the moment, cover any marks from my recent chickenpox that concealer doesn’t always get)
2. Blend nicely into the skin – no one needs that patchy look in their life, especially along the jaw line!
3. Have yellow/green tones in it to balance out the redness I get in my skin and give me a more golden glow.
4. Have a decent SPF (above 15 is good)

I also like having a slightly dewy look in summer, and a matte look in winter, so anything that is semi dewy or semi matte works nicely across the board.

Now, onto the product at hand. I really wanted to like this. It has a really beautiful compelling name, I read some wonderful reviews about it online, and in store it seemed very nice to apply to the back of my hand. However, when I got it home to use it, I struggled a little with it. When applying it with my Real Techniques stippling brush, the foundation was such a consistency that the bristles were leaving streaks on my skin, rather than giving me the airbrushed look they normally do. The finish of the foundation on the skin is very strange, a mix between dewy and matte in a very strange way, and when I touch my skin while wearing it, it leaves a greasy residue on my fingers that goes powdery when rubbed. If applying when I have dry skin, or open pores, this clings to the patch of troubled skin, making it unsuitable for people with any kind of uneven texture on their skin. The coverage is sufficient for the first hour of application or so, but it fades quickly after that, unless set heavily with powder.

Negatives aside, the colour is wonderful for me – and it lives up to its name, giving a beautiful brightening effect. It’s also very lightweight and sheer, so perfect for anyone who doesn’t need much foundation, and just wants to brighten their skin. Also, it has an SPF of 18, which is great for a pale gal like myself.
However, this product is a bit of a disaster for anyone suffering from dry or bumpy skin, and the staying power just isn’t worth it.

I’ve bought it, so I’m not going to throw it away. I use it as a backup when I run out of foundation, or if I’m just popping somewhere nearby and don’t want to scare the locals. I’m trying to make it work by using it to lighten my too-dark M.A.C Matchmaster, which in turn thickens it up a bit and provides a little more coverage. Coming in at £10.99, I don’t think that this is an affordable option for foundation for me, unfortunately, though some may find it works for them. I guess the hunt is still on…

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