HDL Turns 22

So this is a little belated because it’s been over a week since my birthday, but I think it’s worth giving a quick mention to the occasion. I have now been living for 22 years of my life. I fit securely into the category of ‘twenty-somethings’. All my ‘big’ birthdays are over now; it’s just the decades that are left.

Pear Dessert at The Olive Tree, Southampton
The real MVP

Usually I approach my birthday with a feeling of complete apprehension. Truthfully, I have no idea why – I just always feel like something shitty is going to happen on the one day of the year I’m entitled to be a bit unapologetically self-indulgent. But this year was just completely relaxed. I didn’t notice when it turned midnight, I fell asleep without thinking about the day ahead, woke up without wondering who might be in contact with me or thinking too hard about trying to make the day ‘special’. I had a shower, chilled on the sofa in my bathrobe, watched Asian Provocateur (1000% recommend this show – it’s hilarious) and just felt very happy and comfortable. Not having the birthday pressure actually made what is usually a stressful and upsetting day genuinely lovely. Fahad and I did some painting after he gave me some presents (I’m pretty sure he expected me to be asking where my presents were by this point, and was quite frustrated at how not bothered I was) which were lovely, and then we popped to Costco to get some bits and pieces. In the evening we ate dinner at a French restaurant, where I had an absolutely delicious cinnamon poached pear dessert that I will be remembering for a long time. All in all, it was a simple, but lovely day. And I’m really hoping that this feeling follows me throughout my 22nd year.

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