Review: Glossybox December 2015


This is the last of my current 3-month glossy box subscription, and to tell you the truth, I am truly in love with it. It’s a rose gold edit, a collaboration with beauty blogger Really Ree and it is giving me great feelings about the coming month, which will be full of parties, food and winter weather.

There are three full size products this month, but every other product except the face oil is decently sized. But who needs that much oil anyway?!

Anyway, here are my thoughts:

Starskin Skin Mask
Is there any thing that feels more pampering than a face mask? Maybe a face mask that you have to unveil from between two sheets of serum-soaked paper and then gingerly lay over your skin. Either way, I really enjoyed using this. I did put it on for about half an hour without taking the paper off because I am a reckless person who throws caution to the wind and doesn’t care about instructions. The serum still soaked into my skin and left it feeling super firm, smooth and happy, but it didn’t really fit my face and also made me look like a low level psychopath. I still have a very good amount of serum left in the packet, although the mask itself would be pretty difficult to reuse I imagine.

Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects Polish in Ice Queen
This is a nail colour I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself, as all I tend to buy are deep reds, pale pinks and blacks, but the silvery holographic cool tone of this polish is perfect for winter and perfect for the hair colour choices I am currently moving towards. My only criticism of this is that it’s super sheer and would take at least 3 coats to assume any kind of solid colour. However, that makes it a perfect shimmery winter topcoat to lay over any kind of cool-toned polish. I think I’m gonna go for a white with a couple of coats of this on top. Or a plain steel grey… The possibilities are endless.

essence Liquid Lipstick in Show Off
When I saw this in all its vibrant pink glory, I let out a sigh. Really? Another bright lip colour just a month after the last. This is where I wish we could choose our products (more on that in a sec) when it comes to shades of nail polish, lip products and maybe even eyeshadow. That said, the gamble is worth it sometimes, as I actually happen to quite like the way this looks on. It smells like one of the first ever glosses I ever used, and its less than sophisticated packaging is a hark back to the days of 2005, but overall it’s not so bad.

L’Occitane Shea Face Oil
Oil? On my face? Gross.
Is what I would have said a year ago, before I got chickenpox basically all over my face and back and was left with some horrendous marks from them. Bio Oil was my saviour then, and even though I barely use it any more, I’m always willing to give oils and basically anything a try to save my dry dry skin.

être belle Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On
This was yet another excellent addition to the box this month. Eye roll ons have always seemed a bit superfluous to me, when my Body Shop elderflower eye gel has always suited me fine and I’ve felt no need to change from applying it with my fingers. However, there is something so luxurious about that cool roller gliding over my dark circles. I’m not 100% sure whether it’s going to work, because really do these things ever? But it definitely feels like a luxury, even if it’s an unnecessary one – which sums up Christmas really!

So Susan Highlighter
After receiving a highlighter from this brand in one of the previous boxes, I was a bit confused thinking that maybe it was just a different shade of the same product, but nope! This twist up highlighter is shimmery, slightly golden, and glides on like a dream. It is my favourite product in the box because it’s not a pinky highlighter like ones I’ve tried before, and it just sits perfectly on my skin.

FINALLY I would just like to mention the fact that this week glossybox sent me an email about choosing a shade of lip colour for the February box. I think this one off shade-choosing is a great idea and is a great incentive to keep people interested in the subscription. Based on this, I will be renewing my subscription in January to probably a 6 month one, after which I may try Birchbox for a while. Who knows!

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